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South East Digital Picnic 2019

South East Digital Picnic

About the Event

Who says conferences have to be dull?! Our ethos here at Miss Content Creative – Award-winning Digital Marketing Agency is that if you’re having FUN you’ll engage and LEARN more! It makes it easier to network and build better relationships. We want you to get the BEST EXPERIENCE –  that’s why we’ve carefully handpicked each keynote speaker who will provide you with JAM PACKED actionable sessions on the day that you’ll be able to implement to improve your business.
Southeast Digital Picnic is an EPIC event for businesses and individuals to explore the latest Social & Digital Marketing best practices from across the globe delivered by leading industry experts! Expect some FUN activities on the Day!

Who is it For?

This incredible one-day event is ideal for Start-Ups, Small Business Owners, Brands, Agencies, Marketing Managers, Bloggers, Creatives and Freelancerswho are looking to implement the latest social and digital technologies and trends to improve their business. Attendees will benefit from expert insights on various topics including Video Marketing, Social Media Strategy, Facebook Ads, Content Marketing, Working with Influencers, SEO, PPC, Understanding Key Metrics, Community Building and more!



Participants: Please contact your Project Officer to book

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