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BIM helps to develop the Irish Seafood Industry by providing technical expertise, business support, funding, training and promoting responsible environmental practice. BIM supports the growth of the Irish seafood industry, with a focus on increasing profitability and employment in the sector. We provide assistance to seafood companies through a variety of commercial services. BIM’s mission is to grow a thriving Irish seafood industry; expand the raw material base, add value and develop efficient supply chains that together deliver on the Government’s Food Harvest 2020 targets for seafood and create sustainable jobs.

BIM’s regional officers, located around the coast, provide hands on professional mentoring in business planning, identifying new market opportunities and branding, as well as advice on funding—all of which enable companies to grow more rapidly than they could alone. Our regional officers can direct you to our range of services. Business Mentoring Support Panel: Where required, BIM can offer client companies up to three days business mentoring support with a panel of external business mentors.

We help to develop the Irish seafood industry by providing:

  • technical expertise
  • business support
  • and by promoting responsible environmental practices
  • funding
  • training

Trish Daly

Aquaculture Technical Development Officer

Tel: +353 1 214 4253
E-Mail: daly@bim.ie

Dr Jeanne Gallagher

Jeanne Gallagher is the BUCANIER Project Officer at Bord Iascaigh Mhara. She has been previously been involved with other European projects including being Technical Assistant for the Ireland Wales Co-Operation Programme BlueFish Project. Jeanne has many years’ experience working in academia having completed her PhD in University College Dublin in 2019. She has a B.A. in Media and Marketing from Dublin Business School and a B.Sc. from University College Dublin.

Tel: +353 1 214 4124
E-Mail: Jeanne.Gallagher@bim.ie

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