Carlow Sustainability Festival 15/04/19

Carlow Sustainability Festival 15/04/19

As part of our role in raising awareness of climate change, sustainability and related issues through the BUCANIER project, we would like to invite all participants to attend the Carlow Sustainability Festival on 15th April 2019 from 2-5pm, at Delta Sensory Gardens in Carlow. This event is part of the ENVIRON 2019 conference, Ireland’s largest environmental conference which is being hosted by the Institute of Technology Carlow this year.

“We all want to live more sustainably but can feel unsure and even disempowered as to what we can do at an individual level to have a positive impact on our shared environment. This family-friendly event will highlight the relatively small but tangible actions that we can all take immediately in our homes and businesses in order to effect positive environmental change. From decisions around recycling, composting and water harvesting to practical steps on successful tree and wild garden planting to bee-keeping and wild life conservation, energy reduction, transport alternatives, eating seasonally and growing your own, and avoiding the use of plastics, this event will cover it all. Come along and learn how you can make a real difference.”

The Festival will provide a unique opportunity to meet with the country’s leading sustainability practitioners, organisations and environmental scientists, to share ideas and to learn from each other.  Visitors will work their way through the gardens at Delta – visiting displays, workshops and how-to events and get a real and practical insight in to living more sustainably and having a positive impact on our shared environment.

Tickets are free and can be pre-booked on Eventbrite here.

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